a seemingly random journey through cinema's heart of darkness. so to speak.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Let's get some rules out of the way first so I can busy myself breaking them: this blog will not be a place for me to dwell or rant upon my tediously normal personal life. It will, however, be very soon filled with gobs of crap about movies, books, politics, analyses of Paul Williams' varying hairstyles, and music. (For instance, the new Stereolab is shockingly compact.) Every now and then, I may slip and dump a personal grievance or two, but that shall be rare. (Yeah right.) The title's horseshit, incidentally. Literally opened the first book next to me (Pictures From an Institution by Randall Jarrell, in case you're curious) and pointed to the first word cluster. From here on out, though, things will not be horseshit. Things will be pure, if admittedly myopic. And away we go.


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