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Monday, March 15, 2004

Favorite Lines in Spartan (2004, David Mamet)

Some of which sort of only work in context and I'm sure I missed several goodies and maybe even misquoted the ones I scribbled down. Anyway, arguably even more so than any other Mamet, this is definitely a movie to go over with a yellow highlighter.

- “How long have you been up?”
“That’s insignificant.”

- “Do you want to talk about it? If you want to talk about it, I’ll give you one minute.”

- “You’re going to leave your life or you’re going to leave the information that you know.”

- “Indicate you heard me.”

- “If it ain’t me or her, kill it.”

- “I heard the TV so I came in.”

- “I say you’re a stone cold whore-master.”

- “Yeah, I got something in my eye.”

- "Now you're going through the looking glass. Is it fun? Is it more fun than miniature golf?”

- “I want to speak to the Chinaman. Tell him it’s the only man he ever heard call on Jesus.”

- “You don’t fake DNA. You issue a press release.”

- “There is no ‘they,’ You are ‘they.’”

- “Are you Mr. Brown’s cousin?”
“No, Mr. Jackson couldn’t come.”

- “Get me to the tall corn.”

- “Do you want to gossip or do you want to shoot somebody?”

- “One riot, one ranger -- did you ever hear that?”

- “Did you ever hear that?”
“No, we must have gone to different schools.”

So you had to be there for many of these. More on next viewing, which should be in the next several dozen hours.


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