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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

weekly egocentric plugs

Loads in today's Weekly:
* A loose "On the Radar" about my recent, regrettable purchase of 2046 (and other non-regrettable purchases) from DVDAsian.com. Thoughts on 2046 en route eventually, but I'm still working on...
* ...the Philadelphia Film Festival. Thirteen (13) blurbs (I think) littered here, there, and everywhere, including modest praises of Mysterious Skin and Bear Club, on-the-fence stuff re: Marebito and de la Iglesias' awesomely titled Ferpect Crime, and disses of Land of Plenty and the dullsville Uno. More next week, too.
* Improbably, and against reason, the presence of the PFF has not quelled the Rep scene one solitary lick. One of the most jam-packed weeks in memory, its centerpiece is the Holocaust Film Series, which game me a chance to see the postively embarrassing The Aryan Couple. (Sample dialogue I had to snip from the blurb: Martin Landau, a Jewish aristocrat buying his way out of Germany, asks Himmler (over dinner, no less) why he must exterminate all the Jews. Himmer snickers, smiles smugly, then replies, "Well...not all of them." I hope those dastardly Nazis get it in the end, man.)


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