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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Philadelphians: Go to the movies

Smog is in town. Julianna Hatfield will be swinging by to remind us she's still hammering away at the dream. Both Mr. Wallen and the The Gossipers have still more suggestions. Ignore these. This is the biggest cinematic weekend in Philly memory (or at least since the PIGLFF), a thumb-in-the-nose to the very notion that August is the dulldrums, the year's most superfluous month. The multiplex has little to offer, but the Ritzes unleash not only Grizzly Man, but Last Days and The Aristocrats, too. And if you're like me, you have yet to drink in Broken Flowers (or ye gods, Me and You and Everyone We Know), so you might as well pencil those in as well. If that weren't enough to devour your weekend hours and wallet, I-House has scheduled a meaty Peckinpah retrospective, offering a share of staples alongside the redux of Major Dundee and the neglected Cross of Iron. Need I even mention the weekend will bring little but muggy heat, and that eschewing air conditioning is flat-out fucking dumb? If you miss all of these, or even most, I will look down on you forever. Redeem yourself.


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