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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Your helpful French-English movie title translater: La Moustache = The Moustache

So, I went and neglected to post my Weekly crap last week. Sorry, scant readers. Basically, Philly's going through a French period: here are reviews of André Téchiné's Changing Times, Géla Babluani's miserablist high-concept 13 (Tzameti) (at the bottom, though don't skip Sean Burns' evisceration of the suffocatingly retro-smug-sounding The Quiet), and Emmanuel Carrère's La Moustache (second one down), which actually finds a fresh spin on madness, as well as fractured relationships. (Also, if there's any doubt, the picture to your right is not a snapshot of Moustache star Vincent Lindon, who looks more like a Gallic Huey Lewis.) Also, last week's Rep and this week's Rep.

I didn't see a movie for, like, four straight days. That was weird.


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