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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Belatedly Plugging (Shamelessly)

Been a bit distracted of late, so here goes two weeks of self-promotion, shameless division. Only did a Six Pack (on loathsome pro-vigilante movies, in honor of The Brave, Despicable One) and Rep in the 9/12 issue. The 9/19 issue, however, found me wicked busy. Did a lead for Paul Haggis' less-terrible-than-Crash-but-still In the Valley of Elah, plus a Six Pack on Cinematic Iraq Allegories (The Village, Land of the Dead, etc.), plus reviews of In the Shadow of the Moon, Vanaja and Eastern Promises (grade since dropped a smidge on the latter), plus a not altogether skimpy Rep. Boy, are my arms tired.

Also, in case the bold "nouveau" to your right hasn't caught your eye yet, I'm partly atoning for my lazy Blogspotting by posting skimpy effluvia -- reviews, random insights, tired one-liners, drive-bys and whatnot -- over at my newly founded Twitter page, where brevity (i.e., 140 characters per post) is the soul of wit.

Oh, and yes, YTTOSSPWs will return Wednesday. One hopes.



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