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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oh Yeah: Shameless Plug, Issue of 3/31

Yesterday's Philly Weekly consists of only the usual thing by yours truly. If you pick up an actual copy, you'll notice the format has been semi-radically changed. 'Frinstance, we are now "PW," with the full-length name featured underneath. I dunno. Rep, as printed, looks more like the Rep in Time Out NY/London, which I approve. Next issue finds me tearing apart The Alamo, rhapsodizing on rock 'n' roll episodes of '60s TV, ruminating on several films in the upcoming PFF, and, as a result of the latter, a tiny column of older films playing in the area. Not that I've started writing any of them yet...

Expect a thingamajigger on Dogville shortly.


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