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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Inevitable Disillusionment at Cannes

Recently resigned from Time Out New York, of late derided by many for being too selective, Mike D'Angelo -- Our Man in Cannes -- claims exhaustion at this year's Big Fest. Comments have dwindled, ratings are improbably low for such a production, Michael Moore's latest hand grenade has been awarded a "40." Sad, if not downright pathetic, that Wong Kar-Wai's potential disaster is our last hope. (That is if MD'A is to be trusted, which, at least to a point, he is. Kiarostami's 10 on Ten, for one, sounds so horrifying that I can't wait for the kneejerk praises.) Does two floppy years in a row mean the death of cinema? Surely not. As we all know, and must constantly remind ourselves, the South-of-France-event isn't necessarily the arbiter of cinematic quality.

Anyway. This week's Weekly is up. So, time for shameless plugs. A piece on Arthur Penn's Mickey One (penultimate one down), reviews of the re-assembled Godzilla and (no, really) Breakin' All the Rules* are up, as is the usual song and dance.

*The printed grade is a "C-"; this site says it's a "C". The reason: grades are, when you get down to it, arbitrary. As I was wavering between the two, that represented that moment's mindset...it won't happen again.


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