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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

published effluvia

In today's issue of The Weekly, you can find my usual deluge, plus reviews of Jean-Jacques Annaud's non-annoying tiger pic Two Brothers and a somewhat too (psuedo-)academic take on the pleasantly asinine Dodgeball.

More importantly, lead cricket Sean Burns managed to catch Fahrenheit 9/11 before deadline. Predictably, seeing how he also felt the same way about the liberal bully's last movie, he sees right through the filmmaker's trickery, which, after Christopher Hitchen's recent Moore-vivisection, seems to be popular pasttime these days. Sounds like I'll agree with him. Then again, what did the man say about withholding judgment? Surely that won't stop the legions of kneejerk Moore-heads out there, who undoubtedly, and delusionally, equate hating Moore with being pro-Bush. I'll elaborate after or on Friday.


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