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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today's Published Torrent of Words

I wish I didn't have to call this shameless plugs: in the Philly Weekly this, um, week, you can find me doing my usual quasi-column, waxing mostly historical on The Third Man (it's first one, even), and, in the interest of exactly seven (7) people, writing up a thing on the semi-recent DVD release of David Cronenberg's Fast Company (which also comes equipped with his early short features Stereo and Crimes of the Future...are you paying attention?). Along with expected descriptions like "chest opening up into a vaginal slit" and "human face dripping off his skull," there's also this one: "made during the days when his pulsating orifices remained suggested not shown." Sure to be mis-read, maybe gloriously so.

It's also the paper's Summer Guide, so here's a shout-out to Sean Burns' uproarious-as-usual Summer Movie coverage.

Lasly, Troy, the summer's official bloated star- and CGI-studded epic, turns out to be one of the best bloated star- and CGI-studded epics there ever was. Allegiances are always torn, anti-Bushisms (if kinda accidental, but still) abound, and there's no less than three great hams hamming the joint up. Also, yes, everybody, Brad's abs were quite impressive.


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