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Thursday, July 08, 2004

please please please read what i wrote

Or don't. In this week's issue of the Philly Weekly, the morbidly curious can take a gander at the following penned-by-me articles: a review-cum-love-letter-to-Will-Ferrell ostensibly about Anchorman and a very long, very action-packed Rep column. Alas, I'd love to direct you to a little jokey piece I wrote about an ultra-rare showing of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, but it just ain't on the web (along with a slew of other Listing Boxes). Your loss, not mine.

Pointless and utterly useless correction: Did I previously make a comment about my "nascent atheism"? Check that. It's actually just agnosticism with a leaning towards atheism (i.e., a celestial puppetmaster could exist, I suppose, but it still makes no sense to me). Just in case you folks thought I was sure of something.


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