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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Harvey Pekar ♥s Hilary Duff

In today's Philadelphia Weekly, one can read the following written-be-me pieces:
* A small piece on Harvey Pekar, coming to town for the annual lit-themed 215 Festival, at which he'll talk after an American Splendor screening.
* An annihilation of the new Hilary Duff vehicle Raise Your Voice, which doubles as an annihilation of Duff herself.
* Words on Midnight, The Invisible Man, Howard Hawks', er, Christopher Nyby's The Thing and a feeble joke aimed at Philadelphia Inquirer critic Steven Rea -- all that, and less, in Rep.

Meanwhile, the debates. Which Slate pundit to chose: Fred Kaplan, who claims Edwards had a gazillion chances to denounce Cheney but whiffed on all but four (or so) of them? Or William Saletan, who posits that should you pay closer attention, Edwards tore off Cheney's limbs and beat him with them? Or how about Salon's Tim Grieve, who all but makes fun of those of us pondering over such a drab, dull, and meaningless squabble?


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