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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Le Festival de Philadelphia Commence

Philly's own festival de film begins tonight with its best opening night film since 2000 honored Jesus' Son, namely Ferpect Crime. Granted, that's a relative comment: 2003 kickstarted with the Mamet knockoff Confidence while 2004 boasted the Confidence knockoff Shade. Still, Alex de la Iglesias works some busy bee magic on the familiar murder-and-blackmail proceedings, while Guillermo Toledo knows how to do the Alfie schtick.

Day-by-day coverage will begin late Saturday (I'll be forgoing titles like House of D, David Duchovny's breathlessly anticipated auteuristical debut, in favor of finally catching Sin City), but till then the first barrage of reviews, including many from me, can be found here. Also be sure to consult Sam Adams and company at the City Paper.


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