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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Intelligent Falling

Shameless plugs and random links this week! As readers of this site no doubt know (and have long grown weary of), one of my biggest pet peeves (you could hardly call it that) is the Intelligent Design movement that's inexplicably but forcibly sweeping the nation with its violent misinterpretation of the word "theory." So it's to at least some surprise that the most devastating piece I've read on it comes from The Onion. Drink it down with the most recent Slate ID take-down.

(I also heartily endorse this.)

Anyway, down to business. Today's Weekly stuff: two reviews, one a noble attempt (or a noble attempt to make same) to not go all foaming mad over Arnaud Desplechin's Kings and Queen (first one), the other a pan of David Mackenzie's dull Asylum (last one). Also, Rep.


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