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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Shamelessness X 2

In today's issue of Da Weekly, you can find my review of the David McKean/Neil Gaiman CGI extravaganza MirrorMask and, as ever, Rep. A pretty bulky week, what with the remains of I-House's Amos Vogel fest, which includes...well, you can read.

Also, and sorry to sound make it sound like I'm in a 12 Step Program (I'm not...yet), but I really think I'm due some huzzahs round here. Because (unusually protracted drum roll) I quit smoking. If that weren't enough, I've decided to add to the pile of More Blogs Than Anyone Ever Needs by chronicling my endeavors over here. You really don't need to read it; I may grow quickly tired of it and try to delete any trace of its ever having existed.


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