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Monday, June 05, 2006

Isle of Mann: Turner Classic Movies Breaks Up Apparent Estrogen Fest with Films by Guy with Dudish Name

I know that TCM's all about the ladies this month, but they've somehow found room to program the near-entire filmography of that most lady-like filmmaker, Anthony Mann. Starting tomorrow night -- what are you doing on 66(0)6? -- the channel will unspool its first Tuesday night marathon, kicking off with his two signature noirs -- 1947's chiaroscuro-heavy T-Men and the subsequent year's brilliant (and pictured) Raw Deal -- and then proceeding, till 3:45am, through more from the same bin, including Border Incident, Railroaded! and the early cheapie Two O'Clock Courage. If you haven't seen these (and I've only seen Deal and Railroaded!, myself), you've surely seen traces of T-Men, whose near-cartoonishly lit opening is one of the most eye-popping clips from Visions of Light (not to mention Kino's old Saint-Saëns-backed trailer).

Subsequent Tuesdays include more from his '40s output (6/13), his late-'50s westerns and Samuel Bronstein days (6/20), and but a taste from his Jimmy Stewart joint ventures (6/27). There's also the occasional, stray Mann showing; be eagle-eyed.

Most heart-crushing ommissions? Apart from the missing Stewart westerns (no Man From Laramie?!), God's Little Acre, El Cid and, in particular, his reportedly awesome 1950 western The Furies, with Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Huston, Wendell Corey and Judith (Motherfucking) Anderson working out some Freudian/Elektra issues -- with scissors.

But, yeah, I am so not complaining.


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