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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Newsflash: The Black Dahlia is going to fucking rule

md'a was unimpressed. Todd McCarthy went and called it "overripe". The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt claims a steady decline over the film's second hour. James Ellroy likes, but no one seems overly giddy, though at least none seem to be outraged.

Keep your wits, fellow De Palma heads. This movie is going to fucking rule.

In all likelihood, I will be seeing this masterpiece du cinema on Tuesday. If it turns out it is, in fact, not a masterpiece du cinema, I will do my best to interpret it in such a way that it seems like it is. Frankly, this doesn't seem too difficult. De Palma films are typically hard to read at first, and can, to the untrained mind, come off stupid and embarrassing. Like Cronenberg, it takes some work to see what he's doing. But once you get it, he infects your mind and makes it hard to read his films any other way. Have I mentioned how high Femme Fatale leapt in quality after a second viewing, around the time I started "getting" De Palma? If I don't immediately think this movie fucking rules, I will see it until I feel that way. I'm not putitng a time-frame on "is" in the "This movie is going to fucking rule" sentence. Fucking-ruling movies can take all the time they went to sit with the viewer, as long as the viewer eventually realizes that they do, in fact, fucking rule.

My only reservation is that this particular story/adaptation may be too perfect for him. For most, Dahlia's web of voyeurism, chic lesbianism, gruesome murders and gruesomer sex would prove difficult, but De Palma could do it in his sleep. Let's hope he didn't. And he didn't. Because this movie is going to fucking rule.

In the meantime, sate yourself with Slant's immensely awesome film-by-film De Palma revistation, with much analsysis from expert/primo fanboy Eric Henderson. And at the expense of turning this here site into all-out You Tube-reliant, here's the genius trailer for a film which, I'm not sure if you've heard, is going to fucking rule.


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