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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays: F*ck

Sadly, I am unable to embed this week's clip on this site, as said clip's owner has, for whatever reason, disabled that particular function. What it is is my so-far favorite scene from HBO's The Wire, which I've heard is finally quite a bit popular. It's also, not coincidentally, the scene that a friend who had just gotten into it showed me when he wanted me to get into it, too. It only took a year for me to get around to watching, but man, am I about as addicted to the show as some of its characters are to other more recreational substances. In this scene, detectives Dominic West and smooth-voiced Wendell Pierce crack a months-old case wide open, all the while emitting nothing but infinite variations on the f-word. The recent doc Fuck does a fairly good job on defending the word, yet this scene not only better conveys its versatility, but does it in under three minutes and more entertainingly to boot.

So go here. (Note: I really wish the clip didn't end prematurely, as it snips off one final fuck. I believe it was a "motherfucker." By the same token, I wish it didn't begin prematurely, too. Oh well.)

Der Weekly! An interview with Richard Linklater in honor of the release of Fast Food Nation, which I also review at the page's bottom. At the bottom of page, you'll find me yammering about George Miller's surprisingly sometimes scary Happy Feet, while go one Sean Burns review down (while reading it, that is) for words on Barbara Kopple's even more surprisingly moving Dixie Chicks doc Shut Up & Sing. Also, Rep.

Also also, what's the fuck going on with The Beave? I know they've been having troubles, but it's been longer than usual (i.e., days and days) without a connection. Please say this ain't the end.


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