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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays: Look, I've Been Sick

And where's this week's Screening Diary, you ask? (Well, don't you?) It's coming -- I've just been horribly afflicted by this nasty-ass fever I caught during the East Coast's violent 30-40-degree drop over the weekend. Fun.

In the meanwhile, here's possibly my favorite chapter from Godard's Vivre sa vie, with the (need it be said?) luminous Anna Karina as the bestest cinematic prostitute in history. (Bite me, Cabiria.) My question: who, exactly, directed this clip?

Yer Weekly! An interview with local walking film encyclopedia, "Videohound" author and longtime Russ Meyer confidante, Irv Slifkin. Also, a review (one Sean Burns review down) of Alan Bennett's so-not-inspirational teacher-pupil dramedy The History Boys and, with a bit about Jan Svankmajer's Lunacy, Rep.

And a rare event for K.B.: honest-to-dog actual breaking news! For those of you who couldn't get into MoMI's monumental screening of Jacques Rivette's 12 1/2-hour Out 1, they've been kind enough to add another weekend screening session, in March. Luckily, this doesn't include me. My boxed lunches await me in Astoria this weekend.


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