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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays: And We Return (Sorta)

Technically, I'm on quasi-vacation, which means that I'm not at my soul-deadening day job for the week, but still doing PW stuff. What's more, the PFF rages on for another week. I've not really been going to it, as a) I watched an assload (i.e., ca. 40) screeners for the ol' PW beforehand, and b) a good friend is in town this week from L.A. How serious am I about spending not that much time at the fest? It began last Thursday, and so far I've only seen two features and two specialty programs, namely, Fantasia as introduced by Leonard Maltin and Roy Disney (!) and a quintet of silnet Our Gang shorts also introduced by Matlin. Me and cinema just need a break, though I'll try and pencil a couple in within the week that's left.

I'll try to write somethingorother about those films (plus Grindhouse and Hot Fuzz, which I'm seeing tonight [addendum: no, I did not see it last night]), but in the meantime here's the requistie YouTube extravaganza. I'm not reading as much fiction these days, but I do have a hefty backlog of comics, most of them penned by the brilliant Alan Moore. (These include Swamp Thing, Top 10 and his controversial archiac porn deluge, Lost Girls, which, believe it or not, you can pick up -- for a hefty price, that is -- at your neighborhood Borders.) Every book you get has a scary picture of Moore, a sinister looking man with scraggly hair, a long-ass beard and some freaky eyes. But this interview, performed by comic Stewart Lee and revolving around his "worship" of Macdeonian snake god Glycon, shows him to be a lot more approachable and charming than photos would suggest. Also, dude, is this guy fucking awesome.

Los PW Another batch of caps for the PFF, plus reviews of Perfect Stranger (top) and After the Wedding (fourth down). Also, Rep.

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