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Friday, October 22, 2004

This is what we must deal with

At last! The list of Foreign Language Films submitted for AMPAS has been posted. Disappointing, as ever, for the usual reasons. Which, as we all know, are:

1) Countries may only submit one film, so...

2) They invariably submit the most wan heart-tugger from their nation's output.

3) Also, documentaries get lumped in with the bunch.

I've been informed that the number of films is down this year, from 2003's 55 to this one's 49. Additionally, Hong Kong (separate from China) has mysteriously submitted nothing.

Say something nice? Denmark submitted The Five Obstructions, while China imparted the same honor upon Zhang Yimou's The House of Flying Daggers, reported to be Hero divided roughly in half. I'm half-gunning for Hirokazu Kore-eda's Nobody Knows (based entirely on a fuzzy memory of liking his After Life). Then again, try and make a list of the most impressive FL films you've seen this year. Then make a doomed attempt to find them on the list. Every frickin' year...

On the same thread, I'm finally putting up a link to Ken Rudolph, member of the FL committee nigh the last two decades-plus. Now you can feel guilty when you bash them...


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