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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh dear, I almost forgot

In yesterday's Weekly, here's what I penned:
* An A-list (fourth down) on IFC's travelling Ultimate Film Fanatic, which stops in Philly for the month of April in a play-at-home version that's doubtless less noxious than the televised version.
* Like, 10 or 11 capsules for the second week of the PFF, including raves for Kings and Queen, This Charming Girl, and the Ozu-esque Quiet Summer. Sidetrack: we finally got mentioned on Greencine Daily. A phyrric victory, that. The fruits of my labors are found here and here and in future entries till the fest ends on the 20th.
* Rep. Highlighted: Brady Lewis' Pittsburgh horror pastiche Daddy Cool and a screening of the demented '30s propaganda film Child Bride (which shows on a double bill with Apt Pupil).


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