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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In & Out Pt. 2

I'll resume posting sooner or later, but for now, my Weekly shit is up for this issue. A review (fourth down) of the Bataille-based sex-a-thon Ma Mère (with Isabelle Huppert in MILF mode) and Rep is all for this issue. Moral connundrum: do you either go to a $20 benefit for The Day the Fish Came Out, Michael Cacoyannis' never-screened contribution to late-'60s pseduo-psych cinema, or a free screening of that insane piece of contraband Cocksucker Blues? Really; tell me what to do.

Meanwhile, R.I.P. Anne Bancroft, I'm saddened to say. I'm not the first to point out that Mrs. Robinson haunted the actress through most of her career. But if you feel like renting one of her movies, try and make it 1964's The Pumpkin Eater. Directed by Jack Clayton and written by Harold Pinter, it feels like a test for the then-recent Oscar winner, seeing if she could hold her own against Peter Finch, James Mason and Cedric Hardwicke (not to mention a young Maggie Smith), and in an affectated Brit accent to boot. Predictably, she does. However, why can't I remember her from the dire La Femme Nikita remake Point of No Return?

The Beginning of the Batman ain't bad, by the by.


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