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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Shamless plugs, plus yet another film fest

Still recovering from the crator-sized hole left in my head following the PFF. In the meantime:

* This issue of the Weekly includes the following penned-by-me articles: a review of the PFF player Music From the Inside Out, starring the Philadelphia Orchestra; and Rep, the stand-outs of which are a screening of the doc The Concrete Revolution, about Beijing's bizarro-world reconstruction, the awful-yet-essential Bob Dylan-directed Eat the Document, and two consecutive nights of Velvet Underground footage held by the Secret Cinema.

* I'm surely the last to mention the Cannes Film Festival lineup, announced today (or yesterday, adjusting for time zones). Excited about: the new Cronenberg, Dardennes, Egoyan, Haneke, Jarmusch, Van Sant, Von Trier, Suzuki (out of competition). Skeptical about: well, all of them, but especially the Van Sant, the Von Trier, the Wenders, and, most especially, the first Tommy Lee Jones. Want to finally get: Hou. There's another one?: the W. Allen. The Emir Kustirica-led jury: sure to be interesting, particularly in the face of so many rigid, oft-icy stylists. Seriously, what's up with that? It's like there's no new blood -- only the already-tested, maybe already-ran. Let's hope not all of them lay eggs (with absolutely nothing to back this up, I'm betting on les Dardennes).


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