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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


* All hail George Fasel, the author of the film blog "A Girl and a Gun," who passed away over the weekend after a battle with cancer. Fasel was one of the most eloquent and gentlemanly of the film bloggers, producing thoughtful pieces on all manner of items -- he was as adept at the classics as the new guard -- right till the very end. Check out Filmbrain's memorium, as well as the one by his daughter.

* Sorry for the segue, but I can't fully commit to a take on the Six Feet Under climax, no doubt because I hadn't caught the current season at all. But as far as HBO show finales go, at least it didn't cravenly negate all that came before (Sex and the City) or just plod through the finish line (Oz). That said, I didn't like how they handled Rico -- ambition = bad -- and I can't decide if the episode's single polarizing sequence, wherein we skip into the future to see each major character dying (yielding much in the way of fuzzy futuristic locales), was a brilliantly loopy gamble or a misconception on a titanic scale. It did, however, give me an excuse to revisit one of my favorite shows, which wound up saving my brain during its genius third season. Sorry if this is all too much waffling.

* Capsule preview!: Dallas 362 is solid, solid stuff and hardly deserved being dropped into a single theater in Gotham sans advertising. I like Shawn Hatosy?

* Just this for this round of the Weekly. I seriously blanked on the Harold & Kumar blurb. Sorry.


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