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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Knowing Me, Matt Prigge, Knowing You, Terribly Valued Reader. A-ha.

Lots of stuff, which is weird, in this pre-Thanksgiving issue of The Weekly, including mucho words on The Passenger reissue, two regular-sized reviews of Just Friends and The Ice Harvest, and a Holiday-ized Rep (i.e., not much is happening 'cause no one is here).

(And is it true that I simply wrote off The Ice Harvest, about which the great Dave Kehr said "I don’t think we’ll be seeing a better movie this season" and "is almost certain to be overlooked"? Yes. Maybe it warrants another look.)

Also, if the header sounded familiar, you already suspect I've finally become dumbstruck by Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge via Knowing Me, Knowing You, so far the only AP adventure available (legally) to us Region 1-ers. More, please, especially since the clips I've seen are something else.


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