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Thursday, December 15, 2005

2005: I want done with it

Just swinging by, really, for some shameless pluggin': namely, a fairly typical late December edition of Rep. But also to get in on this end of the year action. Apart from the biggies that shall be unfolding over the next couple months -- the most anticipated for yours truly being Hidden/Caché, Innocence, and Gay Cowboys Not Eating Pudding -- I'm currently working away on a list of stuff to catch on video that may either a) crack ye olde top ten (or is that toppe tenne?) or b) fulfill one or many of my other mini-awards, as in "Best Overrated Movie by a Level IV Auteur" or somesuch. (Or c) simply be a good film.) Here's a rough list of what's already on my queue:

* Bad News Bears
* The Ballad of Jack and Rose
* The Beat That My Heart Skipped
* The Best of Youth
* Downfall
* Flightplan
* Funny Ha Ha
* Me and You and Everyone We Know
* My Summer of Love
* Not on the Lips
* Ong-Bak
* Serenity
* Sky High
* Tomorrow We Move
* Turtles Can Fly

And, wow, that can't be it. There must be gobs more. If anyone can recommend other titles, please do. A list of what's already seen is right over here.


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