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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And so went David Edelstein

Well, it took me a couple sentences to grow wise after casually clicking on the link, but David Edelstein totally didn't write this, which must mean he's migrating over to New York as we speak. Anyone know if his stuff will be available online? Or must I deliberately "waste time" in the magazine aisles of Barnes & Noble to keep up with one of my favorite film critics? More importantly, will Edelstein be allowed to keep the loose, occasionally gonzo style, or must he be de-balled for more middlebrow consumption? Less importantly (but still very much important), is freelancer Stephen Metcalf, who's filled in once before, simply doing more of the same, or has some young turk taken up the Slate mantle?

While you ponder (or simply answer for me) these and other questions, do take more than a glance at Edelstein's final contributions to his longtime home: his Top Twenty (Or So) List for 2005, and the quite sane, quite fascinating Movie Club, a marked improvement over last year's Armond-plagued nonsense. Only tangentially related but of high interest: a mildly fanboy-ish interview with the man from what appears to be a couple months ago on Rockcritics.com.


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