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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Soulessly pluggin'

With the stray traces of energy I've retained following the dullest State of the Union in memory, I shall impart unto you, dear reader, the Weekly drill. Two reviews this week, both of romances so mild in their non-white/-hetero-ness, they barely qualify as against-the-grain. They are, of course, the interracial Something New and the sapphic Imagine Me & You. Neither are terribly good, but only one actually stoops to stealing a title from a Turtles song (albeit an opening line, for a change). And, as ever, there's Rep, which is bolstered this week by appearances by rarities from Budd Boetticher and Ousmane Sembene. Tired of Moolaadé? Then, dude, no one but J'Ro's seen 1992's Guelwaar.

Couldn't find a photo of either films; thus, Don "No Soul" Simmons.


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