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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can't talk, coming down

As usual, I've so spectacularly mismanaged my schedule that I barely have time for a stop-and-go. (Even the obligatory Simpsons reference, above, feels forced.) Just plugging my Weekly junk, is all, chiefly an Editor's Pick that doubles as a goopy paean to Michael Chaiken, the just-departed full-time film programmer at International House, as well as bootlegger extraordinaire. (Albert Maysles, his new boss, is one lucky documentarian.) The Man Who Brought Philly Too Much Cinema will be honored via a screening of three short profiles from the Maysles Brothers and...well, just read the damn thing. Also, Rep, with mucho words on Fellini's even-nuttier-than-you'd-think hijacking of the Casanova tale. (That's Donald Sutherland, bewigged and with an oh-so-18th-century hair-shave, pictured. Out of focus, of course.) Yes, there will be midgets.


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