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Friday, March 31, 2006

PFF Day One: Yes, I will try to squeeze in Inside Man

Let's dispense with pleasantries, shall we? All you need know is that Day One of the Philadelphia Film Festival was a Friday. I was at work for part of it, caught up on writing during another part, and wallowed waiting around/decaying in a bank. Also, screenings didn't even start till the 5:00 hour, which luckily isn't a regular weekday occurance for the rest of the fest. This is a somewhat longwinded way of explaining why I only went to one screening. No, I am not a festival-going pussy. Not yet, anyway.

Okay, so I lied. One more explanation: every film I see will first receive a mention, then an accompanying blurb of superficial to quasi-academic analysis. Sometime, the second part will take awhile; assume that I'm simply too busy watching shit to yet write about them. Till they're reviewed, some variant on "tk" will remain, leaving me open to embarrassment from visiting strangers who see my slacker ways. Not that that trick ever works.

Brothers of the Head (Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe, UK) [B]
[comments forthcoming. this is how it begins...]


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