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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Robert Altman and Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Paul Newman’s Unheeded Lesson Directly Influencing His Joining the Cast of Quartet

[There used to an Altman post here for the Matt Zoller Seitz-instgated Altman Blog-a-thon. However, I wound up with less time than expected to spend on it, and I rushed out an I think inferior and sloppy post -- on the not very good but interesting Buffalo Bill and the Indians -- so that it would make the deadline. But I see MZS didn't even link to it yet, so phew! I'm off the hook from having my undisciplined mumblings exposed to however many people fly by his site. To the two or three who did read it while it was up, sorry, and a better, tighter, less obviously first-draft-y version will be up soon. No, really.]


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