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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PFF Day Five: The Day I See Things Twice (or Need To)

Waiting (Rashid Masharawi, France/Palestine) [B-]
[I love that some dude over at EYE Weekly criticized a movie called Waiting for its lack of urgency; more forthcoming]

/A Bittersweet Life/ (Kim Ji-woon, South Korea) [B+]
[Wait till you hear my nightmare cinema interruptus story!; that, and more, forthcoming]

/The Death of Mr. Lazarescu/ (Critsi Puiu, Romania) [B+]
[Wait till you hear my impatient asshole audience member story!; that, and not much more, forthcoming]

[Sympathy for] Lady Vengeance (Park Chan-wook, South Korea) [B-]
[Not the best choice for a fifth film of the day (I also caught the rather insane Down in the Valley); more forthcoming]


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