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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays: Look, I Saw a 12 1/2 Hour Movie

Still haven't gotten back on track with the ol' Screening Diary. But that will totally happen sometime soon. But this YouTubing thing is far easier. Ergo, here's an interview that should fairly blow your socks through your ass: Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham. "My next guest is a very charming and provocative gentlemen," the Woodman says in the intro, and far more shocking is that he's right. Can you imagine a famous atheist interviewing a major religious figure today, let alone the other way around? The mind reels.

La Weekly!! A review of Terry Gilliam's Tideland, which I can't believe actually made it outside of the IFC Center. (Guess begging outside of the Daily Show studio really helped.) Also, Rep.

Oh, and a possibly impenetrable ditty on Jacques Rivette's Out 1, alluded to in the subject title, is en route. Seriously.


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