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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The best Zoo headline pun finally arrives

The release of Zoo, Robinson Devor's film about a group of men who used to fuck horses, in Gotham has unleashed a maelstrom of yukky, defensive puns, as this Nerve ScreenGrab piece noted a couple weeks back. I'm not interested in going into the pros and cons of the squirmy, defensive chuckling this film has produced (at least not now). But this line -- which a friend also came up with at a party back in March (when the film was about to descend upon the Philadelphia Film Festival) and which I had been impatiently waiting to be made by someone with access to newspaper headlines -- is pretty fucking hilarious, not to mention way, way wittier than "horse of a different color" or "year of the horse." (Or the one that the article itself is actually titled, "Bareback Mountain." Do one-liners come so easily to Slate they can waste their best ones on covers that will be up for no more than a day?) Well done, Slate.


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