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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Want to Blog!

This blog has been on life support (or just purely self-promotion duties) for too long. It's about time I returned to semi-active duty. Here's what to expect round these parts from now on:

  • Quickly tossed off observations on films, both new and old, that I haven't been paid to write about elsewhere
  • Random, possibly eccentric minor observations on various errata (like the one you'll stumble upon in a minute)
  • The very occasional and very interesting factoid about my daily life
  • A political/social rant, but one well-considered and, well, not very rant-y
  • Shameless self-promotion. As though I could give that up.
To start things off, here's something I noticed after looking at the cover of the latest issue of Skeptic. I can't believe I never caught this before, but ye gods does the great, late scientist resemble Nouvelle Vague superstar Jean-Pierre Léaud (The 400 Blows, Masculin-Feminin, etc.). Quick! Some enterprising French filmmaker go make a Carl Sagan biopic with the aging former child actor, possibly even in the French language. (And I really do mean quick: Léaud, 63, is currently one year older than Sagan was when he died.)

(An unusually fiery Sagan, from the cover of Skeptic, as mentioned; a typically laid-back Léaud, from, I believe, Bed and Board.)



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