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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays: Sonny Bono Turns into a Plant Pod

Everyone's going nuts over this bit from Troll's cheapo(-er) Italian sequel, and rightly so. But even hilariously unemotive line readings that lead into way over the top screaming can't top the part in the first one where Sonny Bono turns into a forest. Sadly, this isn't the whole thing, missing the infectious ring stab (don't ask) at the beginning and the rest of his plant growth at the end. This scene, though, made the kid version of me totally fucking wretch. (I have something of a crush on this movie, as this exhibits.)

Da Weekly. I totally interviewed Chris Eigeman, the brilliantly sardonic star of Whit Stillman and Noah Baumbach movies and who would already rather be bow hunting. (I got him chatting about Gilmore Girls and his brief stint on the unaired Red Dwarf U.S. pilot, but didn't have the room to put it in.) His new film, The Treatment, which finds him cast interestingly against type, opens in Philly this weekend, and I reviewed it here, along with the wildly overrated but not bad Irish musical drama Once and the majorly spotty Brit-horror Severance. Also, Rep. Also also, don't miss Burnsy's spot-on rave of Knocked Up -- the only summer movie worth your buckazoids thus far.


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