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Saturday, May 19, 2007

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays...er, Saturdays

A power outage with my wireless -- and my service's typically slow reaction to it -- caused me to miss plugging my shite this Wednesday, and then I just couldn't find the time till now to hop on here. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, a couple months ago a friend tipped me off to a Britcom called Peep Show, whose gimmick is one hell of a: every shot is a POV. That means, in essence, that our chief characters -- stuck-up, Tony Blair-supporting office monkey David (David Mitchell) and dopey slacker would-be musician Jeremy (Robert Webb) -- are rarely shown physically interacting. Kisses are particularly awkward, with large chunks of the characters' heads disappearing beyond the frame while the rest of it bobs and weaves. There's more meat to it than just the gimmick, and however mean-spirited and bleak it gets, it's quite a rich -- and consistently hilarious -- show, particularly the performances by Mitchell and Webb. (The two are also the stars of the UK version of the Mac/PC ads, with Mitchell as John Hodgman and Webb as Justin Long.)

I highly recommend you looking up the clips, because I'm not posting them here.

Instead, I'm posting a clip (two, actually) from their sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look. The duo's first show, The Mitchell and Webb Situation was also a sketch comedy show, but it only lasted one series. Peep Show's made them a sensation (over in Britain, anyway), and so last year the two went sketchy again, showing that they, like John Cleese, can do EPs as eloquently as they can LPs. The following is one of their more popular bits -- a send-up of superhero duos where one arguably doesn't even need a partner:

And here's their first of many goes at "Numberwang," a game show that makes not one lick of sense:

Weekly? Weekly! A review of 28 Weeks Later..., the vastly superior, Danny Boyle- and Alex Garland-free sequel to the fast zombies original, plus an interview with Chris "Kazi" Rolle, the star/subject of The Hip Hop Project. Also, Rep.



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