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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where did the time go?

How did I not find time for even shameless plugs? Got me. Let's get her done:
1/9/08 A review of Diva, happily reissued, plus Rep. The latter features a rather wordy blurb on Ken Jacob's Star Spangled to Death, which took me nearly a week to plow through.

1/2/08 A Six Pack on unlikeable protagonists in honor of There Will Be Blood, plus Rep.

12/26/07 My first ever printed Top Ten List gets, er, printed, with Zodiac at the top. The list is already out of date, wouldn't you know. Also, Rep.

12/19/07 A holiday-minded Six Pack on gruesome X-mas movies, plus reviews of Walk Hard and The Kite Runner. Also, Rep, featuring a lengthy gush on My Kid Could Paint That.

12/12/07 A Q&A with Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman in honor of Juno, which I review here along with The Red Balloon/White Mane mash-up and Starting Out in the Evening. Also Juno-related, Six Pack looks at reunions between actors that take on a meta weirdness: Michael Cera playing Jason Bateman's son in Arrested Development but giving him (Bateman) his (Cera's) son in Juno, etc. Also, Rep.


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