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Thursday, April 06, 2006

PFF Days Six and Seven: The Day I Wake Up Sick and The Day I Wake Up Still Sick, Respectively

This happened during PFF 2004 and I never fully recovered. This time I ain't fuckin' around: I am heavily medicating myself and taking time to rest -- all so I can storm the fest from Friday through Monday. (I may also find the energy with which to attack the litany of "more forthcoming"s scattered about this page.) Anyway, I did manage to lug my ailing body to one pic (plus a critic's screening of the Scots inspirational weepie On a Clear Day, which has Peter Mullan swimming the English Channel.

Wild Country (Craig Stracham, UK) [B-]
[Ken Loach + lycanthrope = not as great as it sounds; more forthcoming].


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