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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Un film de Almodóvar

In this week's PW, I flap my gums re: Sony Pictures Classics' "Viva Pedro," an eight-film retro for the crazed Spaniard with the ever-tall hair. (It was weird seeing him pop up, avec moustache, in 1986's Matador.) Also, Rep. Readers will notice that there's a mention of me introducing and presenting Michael Powell's Age of Consent as part of a film curator suare at the to-be-demolished Cinemagic. Yep, that's right. It will be ten kinds of wicked, and anyone within driveable radius of Philthy-delphia should come out. My paper did a mention of it here...yet was remiss in mentioning me (or fellow PW-ian Dan Buskirk, who will be showing the 1975 William Fraker-lensed drive-in/car-culture classic, Aloha, Bobby and Rose). Hmm...

P.S. If you turn your eyes to the right and go down a click or two, you'll see I've finally and totally overhauled my phallanx of links. It ain't pretty right now -- I wanted dots before each link and was amazed when the proper HTML did not produce them -- but I'll get around to it. Here at K. Bingos, we're all about the aesthetics. But you already knew that.


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