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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays: Peter Andrews wuz robbed

Requisite, if not compulsory, ruminations on the Oscar noms en route (possibly), but just one thing I need to get off my chest for now: good job, AMPAS, not being stupid enough to snub Children of Men's Emmanuel Lubezki; bad job, AMPAS, letting the box office bombing and critical scourging of The Good German get in the way of nominating it for a slew of techie awards. Recreating some fantasia version of the Motown era in Dreamgirls is aces in your book, but recreating the honest-to-god technology used to create the past isn't worth your time? Whatever, AMPAS. Go and award Crash 2: Now With a Couple More Native Tongues!

In honor of this most irritating snub, here's the William Castle-ish opening to Steven Soderbergh's still-unfortunately-ignored fest of figurative (and occasionally literal) self-indulgence, Schizopolis. I've long been a fan, and this intro ably demonstrates not only its creator's gift for absurdism and wordplay, but his deadpan acting chops:

Tha Weekly!! An interview with Lloyd Shorter, co-artistic director and member of the Grammy-nominated musical ensemble, Relâche, who will be performing over Buster Keaton's The General this weekend at I-House. Also, Rep.

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