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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

YouTubing-To-Obscure-Shameless-Self-Promotion Wednesdays:That Boy Needs Therapy

Mike Maguire's video for "Frontier Psychiatrist," off of the mind-melting, all-sample album Since I Left You by Aussie electronic outfit The Avalanches:

Unlike those on the Director's Label (Jonze, Gondry, Corbijn, et al.), Maguire's not a particularly well-known director. (He's apparently a memeber of The Director's Bureau, a collective headed up by Coppolas Sofia and Roman.) I don't know why not. This video is at least the equal of the best of anyone mentioned above, coming up with the amazingly novel idea of assigning each of the song's samples a tactile analogue -- ranging from the hilariously literal ("you're crazier than a coconut" = a ventrioloquist dummy with a coconut head) to the troublesomely weird (the turtle man) -- then arranging them all on a stage. It's a nifty piece of deconstruction, literally taking the song apart piece by piece. And like most great videos, it makes it hard to listen to its song the same way again. From now on, the image I conjure up when I hear whinnying will be an older woman slapping a horse's ass.

The Weekly. In today's pape, a Six Pack on Out-of-Nowhere Movie Deaths, like Wages of Fear, Deep Blue Sea and, my favorite ending ever, Martin. Also, a review of Alain Resnais' Private Fears in Public Places (known in France more succinctly as Coeurs) and Rep.



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