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Saturday, April 08, 2006

PFF Day Eight: Seriously, Family Guy isn't even that well-written. The jokes are all interchangeable and irrelevant to the plot.

[So, not only am I still ridding my body of sickness, but I had to do some work today, turning around a review of the bluntly titled Gay Sex in the 70s. The film number should return to normal by tomorrow, when the weekend really begins. Woe that I've partly wasted yet another PFF...]

It's Only Talk (Ryuichi Hiroki, Japan) [B]
Agreeably aimless character study, anchored by a heckuva job by Shinobu Terajima (anyone have a copy of Vibrator?); more forthcoming.

Wassup Rockers (Larry Clark, USA) [B]
In which Larry Clark learns to like his subjects; more forthcoming.


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