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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I finally see (part of) Dark Side of the Rainbow

That's it?! This is bullshit.

Years ago, during a period of abject poverty (and pot), a roommate and I used to while away parts of evenings by cuing up albums to movies. The music/film mash-ups weren't scientifically selected. We just wondered whether Stereolab went with Fantasia or Broadcast did up 2001 or Led Zeppelin was a nice fit with Koyaanisqatsi. On all three counts: oh yeah. (Try Zep III with 'qatsi sometime.) We even tried Brian Eno's Another Green World with an episode of Flipper. The music would nicely alter the image, and vice versa, and we'd even chuckle loudly when there was a connection, sonic or lyrics-wise, with the song and what was on screen.

What we didn't do was claim that these songs were intentionally recorded alongside the movies we were watching, citing dozens of tenuous connections even as the artists themselves state outright that we had far too much time on our hands and besides, they didn't even have the capability to project the films in question in the studio.

I state this not because I expected Oz and Moon to connect much -- I've publicly mocked screenings of this on several occasions -- but because, having seen a snippet of it, I'm just amazed at how...fucking...lame it is. "The lunatic is on the grass" = the Scarecrow dancing about like a moron on a yellow brick road? A brief chuckle as Dorothy discovers the Tin Man's foot? A veritable cottage industry based on specious connections like these?

I won't begrudge people who enjoy the experience, but the Floyd/Fleming mesh is about as effective as my roommate and I experimenting with whatever movie and album we got our hands on -- less so, actually, since the music doesn't perform an interesting or particularly pleasing alteration on the film. It's just occasional, minor, accidental match-ups. Not to mention, in order to do the synch, one has to start the album thrice since Dark Side is over twice as short as Oz.

Each connection on the afore-linked page is a clear-cut case of confirmation bias, wherein the brain hunts for connections between unrelated objects, embellishing the finds while ignoring the far more prevalent misses. Notice how the song segues into different sections and the scene just keeps playing out, oblivious to Roger Waters et al.? Of course you don't, because the song just called the frügging Scarecrow a "lunatic" (albeit one "not on the grass"). It's like when people claim that coincidences are part of an overall intelligent design. You're thinking of Person A and then Person A calls you right at that moment. "Some higher being meant for you to call me just now," you tell Person A, who promptly responds, "What are you, fucking high? What about the thousands, maybe millions of times you've thought of me and I didn't call? The world does not revolve around you. Jesus."

I'm just saying.



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